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LimeLeap's president, Marco Luzuriaga, presents at the Women in Technology event on Green Energy and Green IT.
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LimeLeap begins mail campaign for LimeCare Automated IT Subscriptions
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LimeLeap enters Microsoft's "Will Code For Green" contest, with its ecology entry,
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Headquarters 1776 Eye Street NW
Suite 750
Washington, DC 20006
Tel (202) 728-0900
Fax (202) 728-0999
Support (202) 728-0900 x1
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IntersoftIT is a dynamic IT services firm with a focus on providing sustainable technology solutions.

For over 15 years, we have been serving non-profit organizations, health care companies, and professional firms in the immediate Washington DC area and across the globe.

Automated IT Subscriptions
 Network Implementations
 User Support Arrangements
 VoIP Phone Systems


IntersoftIT is also a proactive and responsible organization.

Our commitment to our staff and their families, our clients, and the communities we work in is further enhanced by our commitment to eco-conscious practices. We’re working hard to help us all breathe a little easier.